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Japan Craft Beer Tour 2015 / 2016 Part 2

Part 2 - The beer blog boogaloo

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Beer Animal - 2nd Jan 2016 - Kanda

Went with Jonas and Chris.
So the original plan here was to swing by WIZ first then Craft Beer Server Land and lastly Beer Animal, however WIZ was New Years closed and we couldn't find Server Land. For some reason I had typed down that Beer Animal may be closed but the need for beer steered me on for the slight hope they were open, passing YonaYona bar on the way (Also closed), we arrived to see this small pearl open in all it's tiny glory. Now this is a true tiny Japanese bar even if you packed it up I don't think more than 20 people could get in here, luckily it was rather empty when we got there and had our seats. While ordering we struck up a conversation with the extremely nice Australian bartender and Owner? He was relatively interested in my quest and offered to note down a few places I could visit, whilst telling the tale of the Brimmer Box project and his involvement in it.

The place has 6 taps so it wasn't a big challenge to taste them all and there isn't a big reason to jump into detail on any of them, they were very drinkable but none stood out from the others, the IIPA especially was very boring just enough hop flavor to combat the alcohol but not enough to give you anything noteworthy. This place is not without some praise, the food menu is everything you'd want from your pub, we got the Bacon Cheese Fries twice, by god did they taste good even without the delicious homemade spicy mayo dressing. Small side story someone had the day before our visit stolen a full bottle of it apparently, we understood why!

You get about 300ml for 500Yen, has a very Pubby atmosphere and look so this place is just fantastic to drop down and get your fill for an hour or three. Enjoy!
Extra note it is right next to the Ginza line stop in Kanda so we got home in minutes after visiting this place!