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Japan Craft Beer Tour 2015 / 2016 Part 3

Part 3 - The beer revelation!

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Beer Pub Tamiyoko - 6 Jan 2016 - Kyoto

Went with Jonas.
After a relaxation day in the heart of Kyoto with some light shopping, walking and the best meal of the trip at Shishin Samurai Cafe (Even if they spread it on thick for the tourists). I lured Jonas out for a after dinner beer at Tamiyoko a relatively new pub in Kyoto opening only 10 months before we popped in. The place was packed around the bar when we came in and everyone was engaged in talk, it was nothing less than spectacular to experience such delightful banter even if it was impossible for us to understand. After ordering our first round we quickly decided to switch from Danish to English to not isolate ourselves from the crowd should they be interested in talking with us and it worked perfectly before we knew it we were engaged in talk around the bar answering where we were from, what we did and so on. The bartender was a proper guy and even tried to chat up the cute botanist student who sat next to me for me, fruitless but ultimately quite entertaining to watch.
The inside of the bar was clean, new and very wooden, with about 15 seats around the bar / kitchen area, two tables for 4-5 people behind us.

With 8 taps and 1 Guiness tap they served up a mighty fine selection, the first one we went for emptied the keg and what a shame it was a super tasty IPA, instead Jonas went for the Sake Yeast fermented Kyoto IPA, at first not a fan of it but if you give it time it will show it's characters and boy does it have a few, the roughness of the sake yeast leaves something behind you won't find anywhere else. The rest of our servings were tasty but after incorrectly ordering the same rocket fuel Stout as Simen got at Craft Man not much details is remembered about them.

We and the rest got kicked out shortly before closing hours, much to our disappointment. This place is so worth visiting that I'd like to go back in the future!
Prices were very reasonable but on the slightly higher end.