Trying to create high quality Craft Beer in a small apartment in Copenhagen!

Japan Craft Beer Tour 2015 / 2016 Part 4 Final

Part 4 - Revenge of the beer!

(I watched H-beams bitter in the dark near Kettle One)

On the 9th I had planned a Pub Crawl for whoever could join, unfortunately no one can plan for beer fatigue in my poor companion travelers, that and some other super cool stuff they wanted to do I didn't quite listen so I'll guess they all went to a Wrestler Maid Cafe! Anyway not to be deterred I jumped the Chou Line alone for the glory of Arstotzka!


Nakano Beer Kobo - 9 Jan 2016 - Nakano-ku

Went Alone.
This was the bar I had wanted to visit the most, from the design to the neighborhood it had properly the most local feel to it I could dream of. Hidden away in a tiny ally 2-3 sideroads away from the main road, thank god for GMaps and tiny satellites in orbit. I was not disappointed it was tiny and had seatings for at max 20 people and was super cute, if any place would had given Jonas a tiny wooden boner this was the place, alas he was out of commision this day, his loss! 4 tables hidden away under 2 claimable floor spots and 1 seating in the back facing the big window into the brewing facilities it has a good mix of retro and modern design if I was to cook it down into three words it would be Cute as Fuck!

5 Taps serving their local brew, and a few other options to wet your piper. I started out with their IPA, it had many comparable notes to your classic APA with a heavy caramel taste and color, but quite lacking in both bitterness and hoppy flavor, quite drinkable though. Next I got the LBA confused about the description I had no idea what a LBA was and when I got the beer I was none the wiser it was Dark, Smokey and low on hop flavor, I came to the conclusion that it reminded me a lot of Danish craft Christmas beers something I love to hate. It was around half way through the beer and my deep fried chicken cuts I flipped the menu and found the English translated side, Light Brown Ale... huh really?
I knew it was a Pub Crawl but who could leave without trying their Cream Ale and It really impressed me. Very hazy, a kick to the mouth citrus nose and taste, incredibly thick body and strange / funky / wild aftertaste, I wanted so badly to bring home bottles and examin with some friends! If you have the chance try it!

Every beer was served in what I would guess is a 300ml mug, you rise it before every order and pay up 500yen for everything on the menu, now that was easy to work with!